About Sara


Sara Ann Thibault Morrison, MS, CLC

Sara can often be found playing in the water with her family, sitting and soaking in her surrounding, or paddling down the river…

Sara can often be found playing in the water with her family, sitting and soaking in her surrounding, or paddling down the river…

On one of many adventures with her family.

On one of many adventures with her family.

Having started her career in elementary school education, Sara has deep experience helping kids learn. What she discovered in the classroom, is that teaching is so much more than text books and standardized tests. Her approach looked beyond the walls for glimpses into a child’s life to better understand how that informs an approach to teaching.

Not one to be confined to the constraints of the modern education system, Sara began to work with students in a one-to-one setting. This allowed her to keep the content at the core, but work outside the walls, physical and emotional, to gain insights to a student’s learning style, understand what is going on in his/her environment and explore what truly motivates him/her.

Sara realized that pursuing what is passionate for a child can fuel their drive to succeed, in and out of the classroom. And this isn’t limited to just today’s youth. Many adults are also seeking guidance to rediscover themselves and chart a course to their own self-actualization. The tools and strategies that are part of her “toolbox” service children, and adults. With an ability to use a whole-person approach to teaching, it is the same path she now uses in her life coaching workshops and individual sessions.

Beyond the professional certifications and training she has achieved, Sara also has her own life events to draw upon. Being raised as one of four by a single Mom has exposed her to many unforeseen, unplanned and even life-changing experiences. She shares her stories in Studious Musings, a blog created to start conversations about current topics. In her own way, she has a survivor mindset that fuels her personal drive. Motivated, and motivating, she continues to bring her “toolbox” to all, with a personal belief that all people matter, and all deserve an opportunity to find their path to success.

Core Values: All People Matter, Live Life for Enjoyment, Owning it Will Make You Value Success, Be Your Best You, Education is Everything Around You.

B.S. Psychology and M.S. Education

  • Certified Life Coach

  • Total of twenty-five years teaching experience working with children and adults

  • Experienced educator in specialized areas of: mathematics, language arts, history, science, technology, physical education, guided reading, writer’s workshop, curriculum development, test taking, organization, time management and study skills, special education, executive functioning, ADD, ADHD, Test Prep, SAT and ACT prep, and College Counseling

  • Life Coaching, navigating your path to success through proven methods and

  • Interpreter of academic evaluations, competent at disseminating pertinent information to families and school systems

  • Adept and intuitive at modifying curriculum to students’ learning profiles and IEP objectives

  • Liaison with classroom teachers to scaffold curriculum and build working relationships

  • Follow her personal musings as an Academic Coach on her blog studious musings.